3 comments on “Rev Up Your Metabolism

  1. danirae2b,

    Thank you regarding this particular writeup titled Rev Up Your Metabolism « A Fit Healthy You. It so happens that in these days I was speaking with my girlfriends regarding this theme and for the most part We all come to an agreement with what you happen to be saying. I have already been speaking about this specific issue a whole lot recently together with our friends thus with some luck , it will help me make my position.

    I would want to ask you a favor and that is that it would be great if you could enter into a little bit more detail. Or maybe you will be able to point us to a couple of additional sites where we could get more information.

    By the way, Have you read anything concerning MUFAs (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids). If so then would you please put up a short article relating to this?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for the comments.I would be glad to help in any way I can.WebMD has a great metabolism calculator that you can use to figure out how many calories that you burn everyday,if you are not sure how to check.There is also some great information there about ways to get your metabolism up and going and keeping it going all the time.
      One way I have always taught to keep metabolism going is through exercise.I’ve always beleived in keeping some strengh training in your exercise routine,because it’s a fact,the more muscle you have on your body,the more calories you will burn,even at rest.Another way is to make sure you eat often,roughly every three hours,preferably with some type of protein snak in between regular meals.And also one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast,when you wake in the morning your body is basically in starvation mode,so it’s important to eat something protein heavy in the first half hour.
      Go to WebMD for great articles and also mayoclinic.com has a great article to help understand how metabolism actually works.I hope I was able to help you with this info and will work on a future article for MUFA’s.
      Mike Benic

  2. danirae2b, excuse me if this is a bit off the subject, but… This will make just about anyone furious: Diets incredibly make you gain pounds over time which has become more and more apparent in the weight problems epidemic that\\\\\\\’s

    hurting this kind of fast food, little exercise generation. Are you concerned that arena seating have

    to be increased in order to help support the rise in peoples increasing, ahem…girth? It means that we are being

    a larger place (and under no circumstances in some smart way) of

    people than we have ever have before which happens to be previously over twenty years only. Our children are

    afflicted with unhealthy weight related

    circumstances for instance diabetes and also cardiovascular disease.

    I just read that during a scientific study seventy heavy North american kids from the age group of 6 to nineteen have been exposed to many battery of exams to check out the consequence that the eating routine full of fat had on the young

    figures. The final results were eye opening. All was cursed with

    high cholesterol levels and were within the high-risk group of getting heart problems and coronary heart failure that a few people were already

    revealing signs of.

    Could there really be any sort of hope

    for all of us? I feel the answer is certainly. Apparently

    all we end up needing is definitely a little bit of diet and exercise. We pretty much

    all must embark on get started Right away!

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